Sunday, November 12, 2006

Painting 1

This was my first painting, started around 7 years ago. I had no experience with oils and was at a total loss. I purchased water soluble oil paints AND turpentine, so from that you can see I was clueless. I'm not sure why I choose this for my first subject, but this was a black and white photo from a professional photographer. I liked the composition, and even though it was just a nude, it was also something else for me. It reminded me of a landscape, so that's how I approached it. As you can see, the bed became green and the background sky blue, all very intentional. And when I view this painting, I see a mountain and earth and sky first, nice ass second. And no, it's not me in that photo. I also feel that not being able to tell if it's a man or woman helps to see the painting from my point of view.

I never actually finished this painting. The knee in the background is unfinished and I was never satisfied with the green foreground. I wanted more folds, but wasn't sure how to achieve them, and it became too frustrating for me. I intended to finish the painting, but I've lost my source photo, and I've recently come to the conclusion that I need to let this one be because it's my starting point. My inability to finish the painting lead to a long break from picking up a brush again. I knew I had to learn from someone, and really didn't know where to go. When I pick up again, it'll be a few years later. I ditched that turpentine, but have always stuck with the water soluble oil paints.

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ArtGirl said...

Actually I regularly use turpentine (turpenoid actually) with my water soluble paints! I only use water fore clean up and brush rinsing and the turpenoid for cutting the paint when I am painting. My first teacher does the same thing and she has been painting for years very very successfully so you weren't clueless at all. And good job ob this! I can't do figures at all!