Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Painting 35

This is a small painting I did on board. I love the surface—the feel of the paint on the smooth board. Love the graphic element, the nostalgia of bubble gum. Who doesn't remember cramming a ton of gum in your mouth and attempting to blow the biggest bubble, or a bubble inside a bubble. I loved to pop the gum—quite irritating, but fun nonetheless. 
Do people use misspelled words when naming things anymore? I'll have to start looking for it. Perhaps it could be a whole series of paintings. 
This is another example of examining things up close. Looking at the world through a magnifying glass. My second attempt at lettering for anyone that cares. Never liked the blue end wrapper too much, but I do like the loose play of color, especially in the yellow area. The painting sold and I was very thrilled because it was the first time someone other than a family member, or studio mate purchased my painting. I'm excluding the paintings I donated to charity because I didn't get the cash.

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Kay Wyne said...

Grant, I love this painting, but can't wait to see your larger bubble gum painting completed. Your lettering is great....You could be a sign painter if you need to change careers. No, you could be a full time artist. Your paintings are executed with such thought...great design, wonderful color, and oh that subject matter!!! Wonderful.