Monday, January 07, 2008

Painting 15

Still a work in progress, this is another still life of fruit born our of frustration for ideas. Another trip to the grocery story and viola!, subject matter. I want to add a design element to the border, but have not yet determined what that would be so, it just hangs in my kitchen unfinished. I'm really happy with the bananas. I added the green border later a few months after finishing the painting as a background for a decorative border mainly because the bananas we just there in the middle sitting, with not much excitement. The border adds tension with the bananas overlapping and makes the bananas pop of the canvas for added dimension. I

I had a thought today, if I don't believe in my talent as a painter, then no one will. From hence forth, I'll give myself more praise as I critic these works. One day I'll repost with the finished product. The paining is 12x12.

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