Sunday, January 06, 2008

Painting 12

My teacher decided to switch things around on us and offer a different class to teach us more of the elements of painting. Instead of working on your on subjects for as long as we deemed necessary, we instead had to do an assignment that should be finished in one class. Each assignment was geared around a certain principle. I completed 2 of the assignments, the rest remained unfinished. While I found the lessons useful, it wasn't as much fun for me. If I was painting everyday, I could see how these exercises would be useful. But for us who only paint as a hobby, they almost feel useless! Did I say that? This painting was about plains and angles. We took a photo and broke it down into shapes. I've forgotten how exactly we did this, must have use of color. Can you tell what it is? If you can, perhaps I'll send you a prize!

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Anonymous said...

It's obvious....the subject matter is a mother heffalump and a baby pit bull enjoying the great State Fair of Texas. Why would you find this exercise useless...Picasso made a fortune doing this.
what is the prize?