Sunday, January 03, 2010

Painting 43

A small 6"x6" study I did in one sitting. Still trying to master painting in one day. I did cheat and worked on it another day, mainly to add a bit more drama to the background. I tried using more deliberate brush strokes instead of blending and I like some of the results. It doesn't show up as well on the background, looks more smooth and blended. I like the reflection of the table on the pear and the composition works for me. I still feel that some of the values in the pear could be a bit darker as it was with the bell peppers. Overall, for a fast painting I was pleased. Once again I donated this painting to a fundraiser and a fellow artist I know purchased it. He was the only bid so I think he felt sorry for me. He's nice that way.

I still have a block against picking up a brush. I can't even think of going to the studio.


Karen Rike said...

The pear is great. I am impressed with your painting it in one day.

I wish you luck on the block. YOU HAVE to come to the studio.

Carol Morgan said...

Love the pears. NO ONE buys because they feel sorry for you! That's silly. You are so talented!!!!!!

Hope the block lifts soon because I miss you at the studio. Ask Kay how she got over her block. She is on a real run lately.

Mark Malone said...

We need to help each other with the "blocks". I really like this painting, because it represents a departure for you in the lack of blending. I like seeing the brush strokes. As a graphic artist, I am sure it is hard to branch out into new territory. I think you are very successful.