Monday, January 04, 2010

Painting 44

Lemons are another favorite of mine and a good subject for another quick painting. Again it's 6x6. I like the square canvases and these have a deep 2 inch edge which makes them pop out nicely on the wall. Again, I played with being loose with the brushwork and I like the feel. I love the slice of lemon. It doesn't show as well on the photo, but there is a glimmer of light shining through the slice. However, if you look at the lemon that is cut, you may notice I made the slice too small. Also, I'm getting a little too repetitive with the perspective and I should explore different angles, but since I painted this from a still life, I'm limited to my table height. I should shake things up and try a straight-on view for a change. I question my choice of the bright blue shadow—not sure how that would have been created in nature. The red hue on the bottom of the lemon in the background is also a bit too bright. The shadows should have been warmer since they would be reflecting the lemons’ color, right? Yeah, I don't like this one. Just too many things about this one that bother me.


James Parker said...

Looking over your past blogs, Grant, I like your style and really admire 38 & 39...the hibiscus is super. This lemon paintings is good. I don't think the lemon slice is too far, if any, ot of proportion. When I first looked at this piece, I assumed the lemons were on a tablecloth, and the glisten on the red puzzled and distracted from the lemon. I realize now,I think, the lemons are on a plastic bag. If the red was solid, it would actually accentuate the lemons. Nice painting, nonetheless. I invite you to drop by sometime and visit. Keep strokin'.

Sadia said...

The lemons are done very nicely, with excellent highlights!
I love the journey you've taken and will keep dropping by .