Saturday, April 23, 2011

Painting 59

Kay Wyne gave me a roll of lifesavers at the studio. Kay is a former member of Studio Art and Soul and recently found representation with a gallery in Sante Fe. Being in a gallery on Canyon Road in Sante Fe is like winning the lottery for an artist and everyone at the studio was so proud of her and what she has accomplished. I am fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful talent and it really makes me a better artist because of it. The Lifesavers were a great gift since my last 2 paintings were candy. Lifesavers definitely remind me of my childhood and specifically, my childhood during the holidays. Does anyone remember those Lifesaver books they had during Christmas? It wasn't Christmas until you had your selection of Lifesavers in a book shaped box! I loved painting this and I am very pleased with the results, especially with the candy. It's shiny and sticky and I think I captured them perfectly. The foil of the candy roll was a fun challenge and I am pleased with the overall results. I was even more pleased when someone purchased the painting at our Studio's open house. I paint for myself, but I can't help but feel validated when strangers see fit to spend money on what I create. It's very satisfying and definitely motivates me. 


Carol Morgan said...

Out of your candy series, the lifesavers are my favorite. Wish I had bought it! Love the rich backround really makes the candy pop. You also aced the shadows and foil!!! Wow - great job!

Kay Wyne said...

Grant, this is one of my favorite paintings that you have the composition and lay-out. I do believe that those Livesavers were in the Christmas book (I always put them in the kiddos' stockings). Anyway, I knew you would do something wonderful with them. Keep on painting!