Thursday, April 14, 2011

Painting 57

I love things that trigger those memories of my childhood, and candy was my passion early on. I was a picky eater and very slight of weight, so my mother resorted to feeding me what I demanded and sugar is what I wanted. Honey Buns and coke for breakfast was common. It's a wonder I have any teeth left. Dots are not my favorite, but they are iconic. I have memories of eating them at the movies mostly. To me Dots are movie candy and not something we ever had at home. I'd gobble them down at the start of the movie and then spend the rest of the time picking the goo out of my teeth. My childhood was sweet in so many ways and putting those memories on canvas makes me smile. I enjoyed painting on a large canvas (30x40) and it is almost a billboard sized ad for Dots. Perhaps it's too much of an advertisement than a fine art painting, but I suppose that's the graphic designer part of me shining through. If I had added a bloody tooth or a g-string in the still life, it would have been provocative and museum worthy, but as is, it's just cotton candy fluff. And with my sweet tooth, that's just fine by me.  

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Carol Morgan said...

This was and is one of my favorites!! It is SO perfect - might be the graphic designer - but it is still fun and everyone will love it. Amazing attention to exact color and detail! Knockout shadows!