Thursday, June 21, 2007

Painting 10

I'm so losing track of what paint come after each one. I used to be able to go through each painting in my head in the order I painted them, but now I'm not so sure, but I fairly certain this come next. Another landscape, and actually from my own reference, not a professional photographer, or someone else's vision. And boy, it really doesn't seem like it paid off for me. This is my parents yard on an early fall day and it didn't make an interesting painting. Bad photography can equal a bad painting if you don't take steps to correct what doesn't work in the photo.

Here's a few things I see. Tree stuck dead in the middle. Sky color seems wrong for the time of year. Nothing of interest in the foreground. No focal point to speak off. No point of view, nothing to say.

What do I like, The variations in the grass and some of the play of light on the trees, which again, doesn't go with the sky.

What would I do now, in hindsight? Perhaps move the big tree towards the middle, and lose the one in the middle. Lessen the heaviness of the trees on the right. I would warm up the sky's color and clearly define my light source and then place something in the grass in the foreground. I tricycle, or broken toy, which means I'd have to move up the horizon line. This is why it's said the the painting you are working on now is just preparation for the next one. I see the wrongs now, so hopefully I can make better choices in the future.

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