Thursday, June 21, 2007

Painting 9

I can't believe I'm only on painting 9! I need to do a furious blogging session and get these painting up. I'm not sure where I'm at, but I must be hovering around 30 paintings. I just completed one that I love and I want to be able to share it.

The subject of this painting is from a calendar I borrowed from Gail. Examining this painting, I see nice things. Simple composition, a little too cut down the middle, but calm peaceful. I'd rather see a little more color in the grass, not sure I like the color. The water is nice as are the reflections. I don't think too much of this painting because I painted it in about an hour. My first painting in one sitting, so it's all wet on wet. It's also very small, just 8x10. It was a good exercise and actually looks better than a lot of my paintings that took much longer to paint, yet I so easily dismiss it because I didn't belabor it. And yes, I know there's a lesson I can learn from this.

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