Sunday, August 23, 2009

Painting 30


I had to keep posting tonight to get to this one. A small milestone because I hit my 30th painting. I worked hard on this sucker. Borrowed the bowl, planned the set up. Photographed it, etc. I love pears as subject matter. Mark has painted some beautiful pears and it inspired me to try for myself. The old saying that you have to paint a few stinkers to get to a good one applies to this one, at least in my opinion! After a few crazy daily paintings, I took my time and made something that I am very proud to display. I painted on a new surface, a board instead of canvas and I loved the feel of it. The painting measure to around a 16 x 20 if I remember correctly, so it's fairly small. I sold this one to Cindy, a former studio mate. It's in New Orleans now and I'm so pleased she wanted it. I miss Cindy, she had such a great laugh, but I know she's happy in her new home.

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