Sunday, August 23, 2009

Painting 27

After tackling a few large canvases that seem to go on forever, I decided to try my hand at a few small painting to finish in one sitting. No photo reference, just the real objects. Yikes! I started this a couple of years ago and I was just reading where Carol Marine started her daily painting around 3 years ago. I wonder where I'd be if I'd stuck with it like she did. This one was fun. First time for glass and the biggest faults with the painting are the drawing, especially with the lid of the salt being somewhat skewed. The painting is just a small 5 x 7. I think I handled the pepper nicely and the reflection of the table in the steel tops works well. I'm not really jazzed about the color of the background, but it was just an exercise. Never really expected to sell it or anything. Damn that Carol!

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