Monday, August 31, 2009

Painting 33

Back to the large paintings. Love painting close-ups of  subject matter on large canvases. My subject matter was taken from a photo I took during my travels in Asia. This is a detail from a relief carved into a door at a Temple in Laos. The carving was beautiful, and I love the imagery of the Buddha. Buddha represent serenity and reminds me to live for the moment, and to not fret over those things from the past that I cannot change, nor worry about the things to come that may or may not be. There are a few issues with the rendering, but overall I'm very happy with the painting, probably because it connects with me emotionally and because it reminds me of the wonderful adventure I had in Asia years ago. I did try to sell this painting, but I priced it to where it was worthwhile to sell, and that price was too high for anyone to be serious about buying. I'm broke the rule of getting too attached to one's work. I'll try to sell it again and I may or may not lower my price, but for right now it's in my bedroom, and surprisingly enough, not hanging in my closet!

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