Friday, May 07, 2010

Painting 45

Back to Posting after a long absence. I've set a new process up for my postings so you should see more on a regular basis. Another still life painted quickly. Apples on this attempt. The painting is monochromatic which was intentional, but I'm not sure it was the best move. I was copying Carol's composition and subject matter, but she's so much more successful at it. I don't really care for what I did. The apples or something doesn't read correctly. I'm not sure if the apples are too flat or what. Maybe the apples are too close in size so it lacks depth. I like the apple to the left with the dark near the stem, but the apple in the foreground is missing that element and appears too one- dimensional. The apple in the back appears more stuck to the apple instead of sitting behind. The shadow on the front apple looks off as well. With such a harsh shadow you'd think there would be more highlight. Let's see if this gets any better when Carol steps in.

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