Saturday, May 08, 2010

Painting 46

Tuesdays are my official painting days. I love having a studio, but the call of TV, naps and drinking seems to pull me away on most days, however, I usually manage getting to the studio on Tuesday evening. Sometimes my body is there, but my creative spirit is nowhere to be found. I was in a mood to do anything else but paint and I had nothing on the night I created this painting. I just grabbed the first thing I found while on my way to the studio and it became my subject matter. Another monochromatic painting done in an hour or so. Another reason to hate painting. Wet on wet painting is difficult because I spend a lot of time spreading paint around. Crisp lines are impossible. Getting good dark values are difficult once you have paint down on the canvas. These quick paintings are valuable but tricky. I thought I was unhappy with the apples, but now they don't seem so bad in comparison. I hope that once I reach my goal of 100 paintings that I don't feel as frustrated as I seem to feel on a constant basis. I'm almost half way through my goal, but where is the progress?

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