Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Painting 50

My first painting on day two of the Carol Marine workshop. I choose grapes as my subject matter because I admired the way Carol handles grapes in her painting and I wanted to paint some myself with her help. I purposely chose a limited palette for harmony, probably as a result of my last attempt with the peppers and the jarring red background. I like the composition and the rendering of the subject matter. I thought the grapes turned out well. I think another object, such as a utensil of some sort, would have been a nice addition, but for a quick study, I was pleased with the results.

One momentous thing to note about this painting is the number. My halfway point! I wish it had been something painted over a few days, and not just under an hour since it's the midpoint of my goal. So in my mind it's not as significant a marker as it could have been. But even though my 50th painting was an exercise in a workshop it still feels great to get this far.  In the beginning this painting would have taken me days to get this result, so if nothing else, I'm faster with the brush!

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